Fighter Pilot Acronyms

Updated: 2 days ago

"What did he say?" Here are a few acronyms commonly heard on the podcast.

F-16 Fighter Pilot In Cockpit Shot

Here is a list of some common acronyms and other Air Force specific terms that get brought up on the The Afterburn Podcast. There is no way to catch them all so if I miss one or if you have a question drop it below.

The Air Force Fighter Pilot Acronym List

AAA: Anti-Aircraft Artillery

ACC: Air Combat Command

ACM: Air Combat Maneuvering...dogfighting

AETC: Air Education and Training Command

AFI: Air Force Instruction - The rules and regulations that govern all the fun.

AGL: Above Ground Level

AIB: Aircraft Investigation Board (See Episode #23 & 24 about the F-16 Fatality)

AIM: Air Intercept Missile

AIM-9X: High Off-Boresight IR short range missile

AIM-120 AMRAAM: Beyond Visual Range radar guided missile

AMRAAM: Advandced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile

AOA: Angle of Attack

B-Course: Initial training in your fighter aircraft

BVR: Beyond Visual Range

CAS: Close Air Support

DT: Developmental Test - Will the jet fall apart? Type Testing

ECM: Electronic Countermeasures

FAC/A: Forward Air Controller / Forward Air Controller Airborne

FAIP: First Assignment Instructor Pilot

FL: Flight Lead

GBU-10: 2000lb laser guided bomb

GBU-12: 500lb laser guided bomb

GBU-38: 500lb precision guided bomb

GBU-39: 250lb precision guided bomb

GBU-54: 500lb Laser Guided JDAM - Both laser and GPS - Can hit moving targets

HARM: High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile

HOBS: High Off-Boresight

HTS Pod: HARM Targeting System

IR: Infrared

JDAM: Joint Direct Attack Munition - makes dumb bombs smart

JTAC: Joint Terminal Attack Controller

MAR: Min Abort Range

OG: Operations Group

OT: Operational Test - How to employ new jet or weapon type testing

Pk: Probability of Kill. Low/Medium/High Pk

IFS: Initial Flight Screening - Pre-pilot training course

IP: Instructor Pilot

SEAD: Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses

Sniper Pod: Advance targeting pod

SOF: Supervisor of Flying

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

SOS: The most non-leathal school. Squadron Officer School

SUPT: Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training

TACP: Tactical Air Control Party

TPS: Test Pilot School

WIC: Weapons Instructor Course (Weapons School)

YGBSM: You Got to Be Shitting Me