F-16 Mishap - Episode 23

Shaw Air Force Base, SC 30 June 2020



The Accident Investigation Board (AIB) President found by a preponderance of evidence the cause

of the mishap was the MP’s failure to correctly interpret the approach lighting system and identify

the runway threshold during his first landing attempt, which resulted in severely damaged landing

gear. Additionally, the AIB President found by a preponderance of evidence two factors

substantially contributed to the mishap: (a) the SOF chose not to consult the aircraft manufacturer,

which resulted in the decision to attempt a cable arrestment in lieu of a controlled ejection and (b)

a series of ejection seat malfunctions occurred, which resulted in the MP impacting the ground

while still in the ejection seat. 

Source: United States Air Force Accident Report 30 June 2020

F-16 Angle of Attack for Landing