TAP #77 Paresh Amin | The Evolution of an Elite Warrior: Path to Green Beret and Special Mission Unit Medic

From a corpsman with Marine Reconnaissance to the Green Berets to the Special Mission Unit Medic

Dive deep into the world of elite military operations with Paresh on episode 77 of the @AfterburnPodcast . Paresh is a seasoned warrior who has seen it all from rigorous training and covert missions.  From a corpsman with Marine Reconnaissance to the Green Berets' high-stakes operations and the Delta Force's unparalleled intensity, Paresh's journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

In this episode, he unveils the intricate web of the Taliban's financial networks, sharing firsthand experiences from his solo mission across Central Asia. Discover the challenges of tracing money trails in war zones, the pivotal role of the opium trade in financing terror, and the lessons learned from U.S. counternarcotics efforts.Beyond the battlefield, Paresh offers a unique perspective on the geopolitical dynamics at play and the broader challenges of maintaining stability in volatile regions.

Whether you're a military enthusiast, a history buff, or someone seeking insights into the world's most secretive operations, this episode promises a riveting exploration of bravery, strategy, and resilience.


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